December 9, 2021

The Integrated Equine Podiatry course will give you a good solid foundation in Equine Podiatry, so once you’re running your own business, you can be confident you’re providing your clients with an excellent service.

Delivering the theory training online through short video lessons with supporting documents, allows you to spend more time and attention on the theory.

You don’t have to take time off work and travel to attend lectures. You can access the lessons whenever it suits you, and study at your own pace, giving extra time to the topics you find challenging or more interesting!

You can also repeat any lesson you need to when the time comes to revise, you don’t have to rely just on your class notes like you would with a traditional course.

We will provide you with a dedicated printed workbook for each semester that will allow you to organise your notes and to help to direct your study. These workbooks will build into your own comprehensive reference guide.

Having the theory broken down into manageable chunks means you can study a bit every day, to give you time to consider the content, or you can stack the lessons into a day or two. Whichever system suits your life and learning style better. You choose.

Utilising the power of the internet to deliver the theory part of the course allows us much more time for the practical skills when we do meet up. No other trimming course provides as much practical training.

Regular weekend practical workshops allow you the chance to develop, practice and refine your tools skills over time. You’ll get repeated opportunities to perfect each area of tools skills, horse handling and horse assessment before moving on to the next level.

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About the author 

Debs Crosoer

Debs has been working in the equine industry for over 20 years.

Her approach has always been focused on making it easier to get the best results possible using whole horse focused hoof care methods.

When she’s not being a hoof geek, you’ll probably find her being a sci-fi nerd, or baking up a storm.

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Integrated Equine Podiatry

A professional course that fits around your life, giving you the freedom to create a successful business doing what you love while empowering your clients to develop happy healthy horses from the hoof up.