January 3, 2022

A step by step guide to poulticing a hoof!

I like to keep a basic poultice kit together. The tub also comes in handy to give you a flat surface on which to create the gaffer tape sheet.

A dental syringe can be helpful to be able to squirt antibacterial spray into any holes in the frog or any difficult to get at places.

1. Prepare your supplies

You need:

  • A nappy – the right size for the hoof
  • Vet wrap
  • Gaffer tape
  • Scissors

Antibacterial spray and a dental syringe make good optional extras!

2. Soak the hoof

If your horse will stand in a bucket, it can help to soak the foot in warm water for 20mins – I also added a couple of tablespoons of Epsom salts.

3. Create a gaffer tape sheet

While the hoof is soaking, prepare the gaffer tape sheet on a flat surface by creating a square overlaying tape one way, then overlaying again the other way to make sure there is a strong, double thickness sheet.

Make some cuts as per the red lines as this will give you tabs to help attaching to the hoof.

4. Apply the Nappy and Vet Wrap

Place the nappy over the hoof covering it completely and hold in place with the vet wrap.

5. Cover with Gaffer Tape Sheet

Attach the gaffer tape pad, using the tabs you made to fold around and make a neat water tight boot.

6. Add More Gaffer Tape

As the weather was wet, I continued with tape a little further up the leg but make sure you can fit your fingers under the tape at the top as you don’t want it too tight.

7. Stand Back and Admire

And there you have a neat, strong, watertight poultice that will stay in place!

About the author 

Debs Crosoer

Debs has been working in the equine industry for over 20 years.

Her approach has always been focused on making it easier to get the best results possible using whole horse focused hoof care methods.

When she’s not being a hoof geek, you’ll probably find her being a sci-fi nerd, or baking up a storm.

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