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Essential Equine Nutrition

Science Based - Species Appropriate

An accredited equine nutrition course designed for Equine Professionals and enthusiastic horse owners who want to be sure they're meeting the needs of the horses in their care

Nutrition underpins almost every aspect of a horse’s physical and mental health.

A solid understanding of nutrition is invaluable for any equine professional who offers a holistic service focused on helping horses and their humans. 

There’s so many different products on the market it’s difficult to know what’s what.

The Essential Equine Nutrition course has been designed by Nia Cooke to give you all the knowledge an Equine Pro needs in an easy to understand format.

Nia Cooke BSc (hons), ProDip EqNu, DEP

Nia is passionate about helping owners to make the correct feeding choices for their animals.

The feed industry can be a confusing place, with so much choice and so much conflicting information, it is sometimes really hard to make the correct decisions for the individual animal.

What does the course involve?

There are 9 modules, each delivered in a series of short and very informative video lessons that you can watch at your own pace and in your own time. They are designed to progressively build your knowledge and understanding as you work through.

What does the course cover? 

Module 1: Digestive Anatomy (9 lessons) 

Module 2: Nutrient Types (8 lessons)

Module 3: Vitamins and Minerals (6 lessons)

Module 4: Feed Types (8 lessons)

Module 5: Feed Analysis (8 lessons)

Module 6: Practical Feeding (5 lessons)

Module 7: Dietary Diseases and Dysfunction (5 lessons)

Module 8: Microbial Community (7 lessons)

Module 9: Energy (6 lessons)

Each module is broken down into a series of bite sized lessons that not only teach you the underlying theory, but also how to practically apply your knowledge. 

Total video lesson runtime Approx 9.5 hours

Additional Support

You will have the opportunity to join a monthly online Q&A live session with Nia Cooke to ask any questions and help deepen your knowledge.

Info Sheets

It can be really helpful to have handy guides and info sheets for your reference and to share with your clients, so we have created these for you to download and share!

The Barefoot Diet


Feed Balancers

Golden Rules Of Feeding

How To Weigh Your Horse



Soaking Hay

How can you be confident in the quality of this course?

The Essential Equine Nutrition course has been approved by Highfield Qualifications after a rigorous review process. This means if you complete and pass all the end of module multiple choice assessments, you will receive a certificate from Highfield Qualifications to evidence your new equine nutrition expertise! 

Not an equine professional? 

The EEN course has been designed to suit the needs of equine professionals and enthusiastic owners. Although the content is detailed, each lesson has been carefully constructed to build your knowledge a step at a time without being overwhelming. If you want to stop feeling bamboozled by all the marketing and different opinions and be able to make science based, educated decisions about what to feed your horse, then this course is for you!

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