Areion Academy Mission:

To deliver clear accessible education providing the knowledge and skills for ethical equine professionals to create a better world for horses and their owners

How it started:

As part of their Equine Podiatry practices, both Amy and Debs offered in person and online education for horse owners. This brought many equestrians from across the country into their lives. While helping owners to better understand what was affecting their horses, they frequently found that it was difficult for horse owners to find good local support with sufficient grounding in barefoot rehabilitation methods.

Debs had even set up a directory to help horse owners find good barefoot practitioners, and while it’s got many practitioners listed, it’s still not nearly enough to serve the demand.

Through conversations about how frustrating it was that there weren’t enough qualified practitioners, and nostalgia about the difficulty they had in accessing training, often having to travel long distances,  even going abroad, to access training that could have easily been delivered online, the idea for Areion Academy was born.

The Integrated Equine Podiatry certification course was created in 2021. Delivering the theory online would dramatically reduce the time and cost of study, freeing up a lot more space for learning and developing practical skills.

They’re not going to stop there though, Equine Podiatrists have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and always want to expand their skills, so Areion Academy will offer continuing professional development for all equestrian practitioners.

The focus will always be on making the world a better place for horses.

The Origin of the name:

Areion, half-brother to Pegasus, was an ancient Greek mythical creature that took the form of a giant, extremely fast winged horse. Areion was endowed with both eternal life and the ability to speak. He was owned by both Heracles and then Adrastus and rode into many battles with each, ensuring his masters safety every time.