Debs Crosoer

Debs has been working in the equine industry for over 20 years. Initially she offered remedial training, and in 2006 she started her successful Equine Podiatry practice. Her approach has always been focused on making it easier to get the best results possible.

Debs has been teaching and lecturing on whole horse focused hoof care for horse owners and equine professionals for over 10 years, founding the Hoof Geek blog in 2013 to make reasoned information and support about hoof care more easily available for everyone.

She soon launched the Hoof Geek Academy, to take her courses online, as it was clear that many people wanted to develop their knowledge, but struggled to attend live workshops.

When she’s not being a hoof geek, you’ll probably find her being a sci-fi nerd, or baking up a storm.